1. Bicycle Day

Music written and performed by Tom San Filippo. Lyrics by Scott Vid. Produced by Tom San Filippo


Bicycle Day
(by Scott Vid)

She was out in the garden
Tending the flowers
When the message 
Arrived at the door
Dear Mrs Hoffman 
Theres been a problem
It's a problem like 
Never before

Left work prematurely 
Got home securely 
On the back of   
A bicycle seat
My eyes weren't looking
Something was cooking
With the cobblestones 
Under my feet

I thought it forever
But i felt much better
With some milk 
And my favorite chair
My mind started moving
Not of my choosing
Between sweet delight 
And despair

Familiar surroundings
Are restless, confounding
Friends of faces 
I don’t recognize              
Kaleidoscopic fountains
Rearranging mountains
Persisting behind 
My closed eyes 

Another world…
    (what lies beyond)
Another time… 
    (what tie does bind)
Another place…
     (am i losing my…)
Another mind…

Refreshed, renewed, redeeming 
Sensations of well being 
A hearty breakfast was  
Long overdue 
Flowers are still singing
Colors continue ringing
The world is as if 
Created new

The genie's out of the bottle  
Explain I cannot till 
My words and my mind 
stop to soar
Reality shattered 
And from here, ever after
Perception has 
opened her doors…
…Dear Mrs Hoffman 
Theres bean a problem…